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Welcome to the Gone But Not Forgotten Bikers Memorial website.

2011  CommitteeGone But Not Forgotten Bikers is an annual memorial, originally held in Aghadrumsee, Co. Fermanagh, more recently in Clones, Co. Monaghan, which aims not only to remember family and friends, but to offer a connection for families who have lost loved ones. Grief is a very personal thing, but one that can be helped by meeting and talking to those who have been through similar tragic loss. The bikers memorial offers that opportunity.

Started in 2003 the memorial was the brainchild of Teresa Boyle, who had lost her brother Patrick to a motorbike accident. Sadly given the numbers lost to motorbike accidents Teresa recognised that it was impossible to go to all anniversaries/memorials. A single memorial for all bikers was, she thought, the way to go. Teresa then spoke to local ‘Biker Priest’ Fr. John Kearns and so the idea for the Memorial began.

Connecting with other well-known local bikers J.J. McDonnell and Vinny West they formed the original committee. The name ‘gone but not forgotten’ was used as a continuation of a memorial bike run started by J.J. in memory of his brother Brendan, which grew to incorporate many more local bikers who had also died. The gone but not forgotten bikers memorial was up and running.

From that first night in 2003 the memorial has grown to the point where in excess of 1500 people attend. What had started out as a local event, became a national one. Families travel from all over Ireland to attend. Relatives of those recently deceased take part in the memorial, each receive a candle with their loved ones name on it, which they take home afterwards.

The memorial is open to those of all religions and to those of no religion. It is not a fund-raiser or a charity event. While there are costs involved, these are kept to a minimum and are covered by voluntary donations. With the increase in size of the memorial, so to did the workload. Accordingly the committee also increased its membership with Annemarie Marshall, Kieran Brennan, Brian MacUaid, Jason Marshall, Mick Hoare, Ciaran Myers, Kieran Gavan, Andy Treanor joining over the years.

Everyone is welcome to join with us in remembering the people who died living their passion.

The 20th Annual Bikers Memorial will take place on May 3rd 2024 at 8pm in The Sacred Heart Church, Clones, Co. Monaghan. If you would like to have a loved one remembered and would like to order a candle please contact us.