Noel Burke














Noel Burke

Noel Burke

Noel, our Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend. Your nieces wrote you this poem after your untimely leaving. See you one day again.

'Uncle Noel'

Our great Uncle Noel Had such a kind soul.

He played guitar.

And drove a green car.

He liked to ride on the motorbike

And down by the lake he would fish for pike

He played the guitar at many gigs

And listened to lots of Irish jigs

He fixed things with each and every tool

Because of that he was very cool

He worked very hard in the yards

And when he was free he liked to play cards

Now he is in heaven above

And with this poem we send him all our love

He had a south gentle touch

And we will miss him so much

Goodbye Noel, we love you. xx