Roll Of Honor.












Friends Lost

“ Boon”, Co.Carlow
" Cassin" James Cassin, Co.Tipperary
" Charlie", Co.Limerick
“ Tramp”, Co.Tipperary
" Zapper", England
Adrian ‘ACE#7’ McFarland
Aidan Carley, Co.Westmeath
Aidan Lynam, Co.Dublin
Aidan Murphy, Co.Monaghan
Aidan 'Keg' Treanor, Co.Monaghan
Aiden Browne Co.Wexford
Aiden 'Raff'' Rafferty
Alan Bonner, Co.Meath
Alan Gavin, Co.Meath
Alan Kelso, Co.Antrim
Alan “Alec” Murphy, Co.Limerick
Alan Thomson
Alison Moore, Co.Monaghan
Alison Scanlon, Co.Sligo
Alexander Tanner, Co.Derry
Amanda Carroll
Andrew Lawson, Scotland
Andrew McLean, Co.Derry
Andrew Neill
Andrew Rowan, Co.Longford
Andrew Woods, Co.Clare
Anthony Breen, Co.Tipperary
Anthony Daly, Co.Limerick
Anthony Freeman, Co.Monaghan
Anthony Gilligan, Co.Cavan
Anthony Murphy, Co.Monaghan
Austin Bently
Austin O'Donogue
Barry Fitzpatrick, Co.Cavan
Barry Gavan, Co.Monaghan
Barry James, Retford, England
Bartosz Borowiec
Bill Doyle, Co. Carlow
Billy Redmayne, Isle of Man
Bob Price
Brendan Egan, Co.Dublin
Brendan Heaney
Brendan McDonald, Co.Monaghan
Brendan McDonnell, Co.Monaghan
Brendan O’Neill, Co.Monaghan
Brent Larnach
Brian Armstrong, Co.Fermanagh
Brian Boyle, Co.Cavan
Brian Farrell
Brian Jones Co.Sligo
Brian Kane, Co.Carlow
Brian Kerr, Co.Antrim
Brian Lynch, Co.Fermanagh/Waterford
Brian McGoldrick, Co.Fermanagh
Bruce Moulds, Co.Down
Bryan Mullan
Campbell Johnston
Catherine Courtney, Co.Fermanagh
Charlie Limerick
Chloe Glennon, Co.Westmeath
Christopher Hallam
Christoper Fitzgerald Co. Offaly
Christy Shannon
Chuck Anderson, Dupo Illnois
Ciara Fox, Co.Dublin
Ciaran Gannon
Clarke Duffy, Co.Monaghan
Colin Clinton, Co.Westmeath
Colin ' Lemmy' Hunter, Co.Derry
Colin Thornton, Co.Tyrone
Colin Unsted, North Wales
Collette Keenan, Co.Monaghan
Connor Maguire, Co.Fermanagh
Cormac McCabe, Co.Carlow
Cormac O'Brien
Cornelius Cunningham, Co.Dublin
Craig Tobin, Co.Tipperary
Damien Crowley, Co.Antrim
Damian John McCabe 'Bicy', Co.Fermanagh
Damian Rogan, Co.Leitrim
Damien Walsh, Co.Galway
Dan Hegerty, Nottingham, England
Dan Kneen Isle Of Man
Danny Carrie
Dara Neeson, Co.Monaghan
Darren Lawlor
Darren Lindsay, Co.Armagh
Dave Saville
David Anderson
David Blair, Texas
David Carlon, Co.Cavan
David Connor, Co.Monaghan
David Conway, Co.Kildare
David Flynn, Co.Kerry
David “Bomber” Kelly, Co.Dublin
David Jefferies, England
David Lynch
David Manley, Co.Louth
David Scully, Co.Dublin
David Timlin, Co.Mayo
Declan Fallon, Co.Westmeath
Declan Hayes, Co.Clare
Declan McGurk, Co.Derry
Declan “Dez” O Hagan
Dennis Cokaley, West Cork
Derek Brien, Co.Meath
Derek Joyce, Co.Louth
Derek Kelly, Co.Donegal
Derek McCann, Co.Cavan
Derek McEvoy
Derek ‘Big D’ Mason
Dermot Kenny
Dermot Loughran, Co.Fermanagh
Dermot Morris
Dwayne Millar, Co.Monaghan
Eamon Coyle, Co.Tyrone
Eamon Gaffney
Eamon McGurk, Co.Monaghan
Eamon O'Donnell, Co.Donegal
Eddie McIntyre Co.Donegal
Edmond Ryan, Co.Wexford
Edward 'Angus' Murphy, Co.Cavan
Emmet 'Mixer' Egan
Eugene Holland, Co.Monaghan
Euan Morrow, Co.Armagh
Eugene McElroy, Co.Fermanagh
Feargal Maginnes, Co.Down
Ferdinard Waidei, Cheile/Co.Clare
Finton Clifford
Francis 'Fred' Fleming, Co.Offaly
Frank Conlon, Co. Monaghan
Frank Harden
Frances Ryan
Francie McGoldrick, Co.Fermanagh
Gail Murphy, Co.Meath
Garry Cotter
Gary Dynes, Co.Down
Gary Hamilton Co.Armagh
Gary Lynch, Co.Fermanagh
Gary Martin
Gary Mealiff
Gary McInerney, Co.Tipperary
Gary O'Flynn, Co.Cavan
Gary “Bart” Simpson, Co.Fermanagh
Gary Tully, Co.Meath
Gavin Nugent, Co.Wexford
Gavin Schmidt, Australia
George Millar Co.Tyrone
George Pinto, Co.Tyrone
Gerard Feeney
Gerard Finn, Co.Monaghan
Gerard Shiels, Co.Cavan
Germain Cullivan, Co.Cavan
Gerry Fitzpatrick, Co.Cavan
Gerry “Horse” McNally, Co.Fermanagh
Gerry O’Kane
Gilbert Carey, Co.Westmeath
Glen Carty, Co.Sligo
Gudrum Kormesser
Harry O’Reilly, Co.Cavan
Harvey Wolf, Co.Dublin
Henry Johnson, Co.Fermanagh
Herbie McHenry, Co.Dublin
Hose Benson, Co.Limerick
Huberta Zalokaite, Lithuania
Hugh Francis Gilligan, Co.Fermanagh
Hugh Shalvey, Co.Monaghan/Donegal
Ian Bailie, Co.Antrim
Ian Brophy, Co.Dublin
Ian Kilner, England
Ian “Blondie” Marsden, Co.Cavan
Ian 'Muddy' Massey, Leicester, England
Imelda Joyce, Co.Westmeath
Irene Martin, Co.Dublin
Isabella Bazan Oliveira, Co.Galway
Isolde Nagele
Jacinta O'Reilly, Co.Cavan
Jacqueline Corris, Scotland
James Campbell, Co.Armagh
James Griffin, Lixnaw, Co.Kerry
James Kenny, Co.Wexford
James Killian, Co.Longford
James 'Dog' Walsh, Co.Tipperary
Jamie Hodson, Wigan, England
Jason Coyle, Co.Tyrone
Jason Hunter, England
Jason McBreen, Co.Cavan
Jeff Tidy, Co.Cavan
Jeremiah (Jerry) Holly Co.Kerry
Jerry Kelliher, Co.Kerry
Jhone Cunnane, Co.Westmeath
Jim (Bomber) Gannon, Co.Cork
Jim Gleeson Co.Waterford
Jim McGuinness, Co.Derry
Jimmy Gibson, Co.Monaghan
Jimmy Kehoe, Co.Dublin
Joe 'Ging' Cloney
Joe Wisley
Joey Dunlop, Co.Antrim
John Arne Syversen, Norway/Sweden
John Anthony Martin Co.Antrim/Monaghan
John Barber, Co.Sligo
John Barr
John Boyle, Co.Donegal
John Brennan, Co.Tipperary
John Byrne Co.Wicklow
John Cashman, Co.Cork
John Clarke, Co.Sligo
John Cully, Co.Westmeath
John “Eddie” Collopy
John Donnan, Co.Down
John Douglas, Co.Monaghan
John Doyle, Co.Kildare
John Durnien, Co.Fermanagh
John Fitzpatrick, Co.Tipperary
John Fleming, Co.Tipperary
John Fuller, Co.Kerry
John Haron, Co.Sligo
Dr John Hinds, Co.Down
John Hope, Co.Westmeath
John Boy Jackson, Co.Carlow/Monaghan
John “White” Jackson, Co.Monaghan
John Lynagh, Co.Sligo
John "The Goat" McGurk JNR, Co.Louth
John "Chop" Murphy, Co.Wicklow
John Nann, Co.Fermanagh
John Naughton, Co.Louth
John McQuillan, Co.Monaghan
John Reilly Co.Meath

John ‘Scully’ O’Sull
ivan, Co.Kerry
John 'Smithy' Smith Melbourne
Johnny Lamb, Co.Kildare
Jonathon Campbell
Jonathon "Johnny" McElroy, Co.Fermanagh
Johnny McElroy
Johnny McGuirk
Johnny O'Neill
Jorge Martinez Boero
Joseph Holton, Co.Cork
Josie Nolan
Karl Harris
Karl Smith, Co.Cavan
Kathleen McMahon, Co.Fermanagh
Keith Heegan
Keith Lambe, Co.Fermanagh
Ken Boxall, Sussex
Ken Tuit, Co.Westmeath
Kenneth Brennan, Co.Kilkenny
Kenneth Dunne, Co.Offaly
Kenneth Durand, Co.Waterford
Kenneth Scannell, Co.Kilkenny
Kevin Harkin
Kevin Harwood, Co.Cavan
Kevin Thomas McManus, Co.Fermanagh
Kieran Croarkin, Co.Monaghan
Kevin Skelly
Kieran Kenny, Co.Athlone
Kieran Morgan, Co.Wicklow
Kieran Smyth, Co.Fermanagh
Kieran Turner
Laurie Simpson, Austrailia
Lawrence Radford, Co.Dublin
Lee Cassidy, Co.Mayo
Lee Vernon
Lenny Nelson, Co.Antrim
Leo Cosgrove, Co.Fermanagh
Leroy Coyle, Co.Dublin
Liam Buckley
Liam Fitzpatrick, Co.Limerick
Liam Lee, Co.Cork
Liam O'Connor, Co.Limerick
Liam Ralph
Lucas Reed
Lukasz Koniuszek, Co.Tipperary
Luke Brennan, Co.Westmeath
Malcolm Boyle, Co.Tyrone
Malcolm "Horse" Fox, Sligo Town
Marcellus McHugh, Co.Donegal
Margaret “Maggie” Weritz, Co,Cavan
Marie McGonnell, Co. Monaghan
Mario Co.Louth
Mario Marchetti, Co.Dublin
Mark Buckley, Scotland
Mark Dempsey, Co.Limerick
Mark Dolan
Mark Downey, Co.
Mark Hegarty, Co.Kerry/Limerick
Mark McClements, Co.Antrim
Mark Shanahan, Co.Kerry
Mark Wilson, Co.Louth
Mark Young, Co.Tyrone
Martin O'Shea
Martin Anthony Barnaville
Martin Brown, Co.Derry
Martin Devaney, Co.Mayo
Martin Finnegan, Co.Dublin
Martin Larkin
Martin Treanor, Co.Monaghan
Martin Walsh Co.Kilkenny
Maxime Li Yan, Mauritius
Michael Gillan, Co.
Michael Kearns, Co.Monaghan
Michael King, Co.Monaghan
Michael Leonard Dennison
Michael 'Mono' Monaghan, Co.Galway
Michael Pedley, Kent
Michael McGuinness JNR
Michael O'Reilly, Co.Cavan
Michael O' Connell, Co.Limerick
Michael O'Sullivan, Co.Kerry
Michael O’Sullivan, Co.Limerick
Mike" Nerney" McInerney, Co.Clare
Mickey Jinks, Co.Sligo
Mickey O’ Connolly, Co.Limerick
Mike Daly
Mike Russell, Co.Fermanagh
Mike Sweeney Co.Limerick
Micky Allsop, Canada
Morch Wynne, Co.Mayo
Murt ‘Rigs’ Larkin, Co.Kildare
NA Doherty, Co.Donegal
Neal McPhillips (Skippy), Co.Cavan
Ned Gallagher
Neil Kenneally
Neil Lyons, Co.Meath
Niall Tully
Nicky Dolan
Nigel Campbell, Co.Monaghan
Noel Burke, Co.Sligo
Noel Campbell, Co.Down
Noel Duffy, Co.Offaly
Noel "Wedge" Dwyer, Co.Sligo
Noel Heenan, Co.Tipperary
Noel Murphy, Co.Dublin
Noel Murray, Co.Fermanagh
Noel Swift, Co.Monaghan
Oliver Cavanagh
Ollie Looby
Oliver 'Ollie' Reilly, Co.Fermanagh
Oto Nagele
Owen McManus, Co.Westmeath
Packie McGrath, Co.Donegal
Paddy Bannon, Co.Fermanagh
Paddy Fahey, Co.Clare
Paddy Fitzpatrick, Co.Fermanagh
Paddy McClory, Co.Cavan
Padraig Campbell
Padraig Heneghan
Pat Cassidy, Co.Fermanagh
Pat Cunningham, Co.Donegal
Pat Smith, Co.Cavan
Patricia Toye, Co.Fermanagh
Patrick "Wolf" O’Hora, Co.Mayo
Patrick Boyle, Co.Monaghan
Patrick Fee, Co.Fermanagh
Patrick “Paddy” Gibney
Patrick Lynch, Co Fermanagh/Waterford
Patrick (Paddy) McCloskey
Patrick Poynton, Co.Monaghan
Patrick Joesph Reddington
Patrick “Paddy” Rooney, Co.Fermanagh
Patrick Tannahill, Co.Offaly
Patsy Reynolds, Co.Monaghan
Paul Behan, Co.Kildare
Paul Conway, Co.Tipperary
Paul Geddis
Paul Hayde
Paul Keen, England
Paul Killick
Paul Leonard, Co.Fermanagh
Paul Mackle, Co.Derry
Paul Monahan, Co.Cavan
Paul Ronan, Co.Dublin
Paul 'Goose' Shallow
Paul "Swayze" Swayze, San Diego, CA
Peter Healey Lancashire
Peter McGurk, Co.Monaghan
Peter Breslin
Peter Alan Corris, Scotland
Peter “Pee –Wee” Sheriff, Tasmania
Phillip Mayclim, Co.Monaghan
PJ Coote, Co.Clare
Podge Delaney, Co.Kildare
Raymond Coffey
Raymond Kearns, Co.Cavan
Raymond Ring, Co.Dublin
Ricardo Goday, Cheile/Co.Clare
Richard “8” Britton, Co.Fermanagh
Richard Brown, Co.Fermanagh
Richard Carson, Co.Down
Richard Green, Co.Tipperary
Richard Staydohar
Ringo, Co.Waterford
Rob McCabe Co.Dublin
Robert 'Bull' Buller
Robert Dunlop, Co.Antrim
Robert Hutchinson
Robert Wright, Co.Antrim
Robin Steenson
Rodger Duffy, New Jeresy
Roly McGarrity, Co.Fermanagh
Ronnie Gillespie, Co.Antrim
Rory Hanlon, Co.Meath
Rory Smith, Co.Meath
Ruairi Toole Co.Dublin/Meath
Russell Cairns, Co.Antrim
Ryan Parker, Co.Fermanagh
Sam Martin
Sakarias Pesu, Sweden
Seamus Duff
Seamus Quaile, Co.Fermanagh
Sean 'Wiggy' Carey, Co.Navan
Sean Clail, Co.Cavan
Sean Coleman, Co.Cork
Sean Fay, Co.Cavan
Sean Fitzpatrick, Co.Fermanagh
Sean Lenehan, Co.Galway
Sean McHugh, Co.Cavan
Shane McCormac, Co.Kildare
Shane McEvoy, Co.Cavan
Shane O’Connor, Co.Monaghan
Sharon O’Dowd, Co.Mayo
Simon Andrews
Simon Betty, Co.Fermanagh
Simon Mansfield, Co.Cork
Stephen Burns, Co.Cavan
Stephen Caughey, Co.Fermanagh
Stephen Doogan, Co.Monaghan
Stephen Fee Co.Fermanagh/Dublin
Stephen Fisk Co.Meath
Stephen McDonnell, Co.Monaghan
Steven Larkin, Co.Armagh
Stevie Morrison, Co.Fermanagh
Terry Geraghty
Thomas Hurley, Co.Laios

Thomas Koellmer, Germany
Thomas Lawless, Co.Westmeath
Thomas McCann, Co.Cavan
Thomas Declan Trihy, Co.Waterford
Tiarnan Rafferty Co.Tyrone
Tim Lenihan, Co.Limerick
TJ Swift, Co.Sligo
Tom McCormick, Co.Laios
Tom O’Shea, Co.Limerick
Tom Traynor, Co.Louth
Tommy Ronan
Tony Cleere, Co.Tipperary
Tony Thompson, Co.Tyrone
Trevor Black Co.Armagh
Trevor Dodd, Co.Galway
Trevor Ferguson
Tyrone "Tiny" Ryan, Co.Limerick
Victor Gilmore, Co.Antrim
Warren Kenny, Co.Dublin
Wayne Hamilton, Co.Armagh
Wayne Scannell, Co.Kilkenny
Werner Bruckmann, Co.Kerry
Wesley Conway, Co.Sligo
William Dunlop Co.Antrim
William Gleeson
William “Bill” O’Brien, Co.Offaly
Willie Britton Co.Fermanagh
Willie McNally, Co.Kerry
Woody Allen, Co.Cavan
Yarek Leszczynsky, Poland & Co.Mayo