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Simon Mansfield

Simon Mansfield Simon Mansfield

Simon was just 25 years old when life was robbed from him It was a tragic accident while out for a spin with his brother Paul and good friend Damien on a beautiful sunny Saturday in Rathcormac, Cork on the 30 April 2011 He was as genuine as they come, modest as could be and a grumpy fucker at the best of times A talented tradesman with plans to head back to Oz when he got the money together; passionate about cars and bikes with an unfortunate need for speed, yet sensible and switched on at the same time Loved nothing more than heading out with the lads, working out in the gym and going for a spin on his bike at the weekend.

A kind heart and a great brother, Godfather, son and thend who is sadly missed by his family and friends.

Thinking of you always Simon, so today is no different you deserve more than just a few words, sleep tight xxx